Where we are now

The Easter Centre building project is now completed. Here is a set of photos and videos showing the amazing journey we have gone through to get this project completed, most recent at the top.

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March 2017 – The keys in our hands

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P1200140 RZ


P1200146 RZ

P1200144 RZ

P1200189 RZ

P1200188 RZ

P1200197 RZ

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January 2017 – Exterior





December 2016 – Dividers installed

The moving dividers to help change the space as required are hung from beams above.



The Kitchen is installed upstairs.




December 2016 – The ceilings

Ceilings, light fittings and walls are added, finished and painted as the near final electrical work is done.





November 2016 – The inside

With the outer workings complete, the glass fully on and the scaffolding gone, the work is concentrated to the inside.

The internal glazing goes in, the doors and other woodwork are added. The heating and lighting is switched on.





July 2016 – The Video


Imagining life in the new Church Centre from St John’s Egham on Vimeo.

May 2016, The External Stone

External stonework to bring the building visually closer to the church is wrapped around the building.



The stone to be laid is unstacked from delivery pallets.



Located just to the left of the glass atrium, the engraved stonework is now visible, showing the building’s ownership, completion year, and a message from the Bible.




May 2016, The Offices

The complementary, not to be confused with complimentary, arched windows are installed in the offices, these are adjoining the church building.



Work for the church and you too will be able to look out of windows like these in real life.




May 2016, The Walkthrough

From the Church’s ground floor, the wall has been opened up in what was previously the vicar’s vestry to provide some access to the new building.



Ducting continues to go in, taken from inside the kitchen.



A man in a gas mask spray paints the exposed steelwork, changing it in the picture from extremely boring grey to a much cleaner white.

Notice the floor in here is a different colour, this is because the heating in the floor has now been installed, and been screeded.




April 2016, Above and below the ceiling

On the ground floor, the ducting and pipes go in.





The roof is well underway on the first floor. This view is from the far corner where the kitchen is to be situated.



These spaces under the wooden area will be glass, just in case we didn’t explain it well before.



Here is the entrance to the new kitchen on the first floor complete with tastefully angled serving hatch. We are assured the red circles are not the decorators deciding on what paint to use.




March 2016, On the roof

The view of the roof looking from the church, the raised section of roof will be glass sided.



The overall building height is shown, the glass link will be in this area.




Mid March, Exterior touches

Here, you can see the matching bricks meet with the rest of the church building, where new staff offices will be, below the vicar’s vestry.



Here are those windows completed, except the glass.



Early March, The walls reach the roof

One of the next milestones is to weatherproof the building, to do that, the walls must reach where the roof will be.

Views from the stairs of the first floor.



The extra steelwork on the roof here will be glass sided to let light in, though not as much light as shown here!



Here, the scaffolding surrounds the building as the block-work continues to rise.



The building as seen from the West. (On the path from the Church to the Caddey.)



People stand inside the first floor.



February, The Ground Floor

The view from inside the glass atrium, with the stairs to the top floor on the left, and the entrance to the lift.



The large windows can be seen, they will eventually look out to the grounds.




January/February, The Blockwork Begins. With the steel frame complete, the blocks can be laid forming the walls and the floors.

The concrete lift shaft can be seen, the ground floor walls are also present. The ladder leaning there is for the construction workers, there will be stairs in another location, we promise.



Interior block-work can be seen on the first floor, this will be the main kitchen.




January 2016 Part of the timelapse video, the steelwork went up over the course of the month.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 15.53.08 Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.36.13  Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.27.12 Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 10.56.45



Sunday 3rd January 2016, Praying on the footprint of the building.

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