Giving Time as a Group

There are lots of ways that members and groups from Runnymede churches can get involved in projects with The Besom in Runnymede; giving time, money or things to make a real long-term difference to those in need.

Ther Besom provides a wide range of opportunities for groups to reach out into the community and help others in practical ways. Projects include gardening for the elderly, painting the homes of single parents and families in run down housing or cleaning for those in need.

If your small group would like to undertake a Group Time Giving Project please call us on 01784 470 387.

Giving time as an individual

The Besom is set up to make it easy for people to give time in whatever way is best for them. Opportunities include:

  • sorting donated clothing and distributing it to those who really need it. This takes place during the week.
  • van delivery and collection. Spend time helping to deliver donated items and see people’s lives changes.
  • collecting good quality items given away by local shops and hotels.
  • being a collection point in your area for small items donated to The Besom in Runnymede.

Giving things

If you have good quality items you wish to give away, The Besom in Runnymede would love to receive them. We can pass them on to vulnerable people who really need them such as homeless people, women escaping domestic violence, refugees, and families or individuals living in extreme poverty.

‘Often vulnerable people are allotted housing of only four walls, and concrete floors – we find that giving them ‘Starter Packs’ of linen, crockery, a kettle, a toaster, knives and forks is invaluable. They are often overjoyed to be given something that they need so desperately.’ Sophie Wheeler, The Besom H.O. Battersea.

The list of items you can donate is endless, but here are a few examples: clothing, furniture, non-perishable food, linen, crockery, towels, curtains, baby equipment, toys, cutlery and kitchen equipment.

If you have good quality things you would like to give call us on 01784 470 387 and we can arrange collection and delivery.

Please call us on 01784 470 387, or send an email us by clicking here if you would like to get involved.

Giving Money

The Besom funds grassroots projects overseas and across the UK in areas of need specified by donors, at the rate of about one every three days. 100% of the money given goes to those in need. Projects funded vary but are always long-term, of a capital nature, and aim permanetly to improve the quality of life of the community.

Recent projects include providing housing for abandoned street kids in Zambia and equipping a laundry helping homeless families in central London. Some church members, wanting to be salt and light in their workplace, have set up ‘Employee Clusters’, which enables a group of colleagues to fund a project through tax efficient methods by giving on a monthly basis. Some homegroups have also started clusters.

If you would like more information please contact the central Besom office on020 7223 6548.