Faith Awareness in Children Trust

“FACT aims to be at the cutting edge in children’s ministry, enabling children to explore the Christian faith and Jesus Christ with opportunities to reflect on them in a way that is relevant to their age and development.”
Following a 3-month sabbatical at the end of 2017, Simon returned with new ideas about the areas of ministry that FACT should be engaging in at the end of the second decade of this new century. The three areas are: Time 2 Wonder, Time 4 Toddlers and Time to Share at Home.

Time 2 Wonder is a project between schools and churches and has been running since 2011. Every effort is being made to connect schools and churches to allow children opportunities to step out of the normal routine of life and pause and wonder. More information can be found here

Time 4 Toddlers includes numerous pre-school settings where Simon visits regularly to present a Bible story, a song and a puppet. This is a continuation of a previous strand of ministry but it has been revamped and brought up to date. More information can be found here

Time to Share at Home is a brand-new venture. Material was created, developed and piloted during 2018 before being produced ready to be given away free of charge via churches and other organisations from 2019 onwards. It recognises that the most influential area for faith development in children is in the home environment. The simple to use but profound material supports households as they seek to spend a short time together sharing life issues with spiritual perspectives. It is for all ages and those of faith and none. More information and how to receive a box can be found here

Other areas of ministry continue to be explored and offered including consultation for churches regarding Children’s Ministry and in particular Intergenerational Worship as opposed to Multigenerational Worship.