Tim, Hannah & Rita Flatman in Brazil & South Sudan

Tim, Hannah and Rita Flatman are Latin Link missionaries serving in Brazil and South Sudan. They live in Custódia, a small town in the semi-arid sertão region of Northeast Brazil, where they work with the Betel Brasileiro church. Tim & Hannah lead a team from the main church in Custódia planting a church and serving the community in Sabá, a nearby quilombola community. (Quilombola communities are communities of predominantly African descent, formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression.) They also teach in the main church and lead the teenagers’ ministry.

They also work with the Dinka Ngok community in Abyei, South Sudan, teaching, preaching, offering practical assistance to those returning to their homes post-conflict, supporting education, advocating for rights and promoting peace and evangelism. They spend 1-2 months in South Sudan each year.

Hannah is the Short Term Coordinator for Latin Link Brazil, sending and receiving missionaries and teams for up to 2 years.

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