Expense Forms

Expenditure Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to help all those involved in the management of expenditure to ensure that costs are controlled effectively and that approval and reimbursement of relevant expenditure is completed appropriately:

All staff and other potential claimants are to be advised by their Line Manager or Chair of the relevant sub-committee of the St John’s expenses policy, including the need for prior approval to be obtained before expenditure is incurred in excess of £50.

The Line Manager or Chair of the relevant sub-committee must ensure that there is a budgeted source of funding for all approved expenditure.

Expenditure must be wholly necessary and reasonable.

Claims for the reimbursement of expenses must be submitted for approval, together with receipts/supporting evidence for all claimed items, to the relevant Line Manager or Chair of the relevant sub-committee, prior to submission to the Assistant Treasurer.

Here is a PDF version, or if you prefer here is a Microsoft Excel version.

Here is a copy of the full church expenses policy. Please ensure all expense claims follow these instructions.