Uploading Sermon Guide

A guide for uploading recorded sermons to the St John’s website.

Open the Sermon Uploads page in a new tab so you can read these instructions while you go through the process: Sermon Uploads

Uploading sermons for the website involves the following steps:

  1. record the sermon
  2. edit the sermon recording
  3. upload to the website

Record the sermon

At the beginning of the service you should ensure Record Pad is running and recording the service.


This will record the entire service and save the audio file to the ‘Raw recordings’ folder (D:\Raw recordings).

Edit the sermon recording

At the end of the service you can stop the recording.

We then need to edit the recording to remove the start and finish of the service – so only the sermon remains.

Open the recording in Wavepad – the desktop icon looks like this:



The whole service has probably been recorded so you need to remove the audio recording from before and after the sermon so we only upload the sermon.

For this part of the process you could ask for help from the AV team around using Wavepad – the PC sound needs to be sent to the headphones.

Use the headphones to listen to the recording and click & drag the ‘sound line’ to move through the recording.

Find the beginning of the the sermon, and make sure the yellow line is in the right place for that, then go to “Edit->Trim Start”.

Then find the end of the sermon again making sure the yellow line is in the right place for that, then choose “Edit->Trim End”


Then ‘save as’ the recording as an ‘mp3’ file into the ‘edited recordings’ folder (D:\Edited recordings).

All settings can be left as default.

The recording is now saved as an mp3 file and ready to upload.

Upload to the website

Open Windows Explorer, and navigate to “D:\Edited Recordings”. Find the MP3 file you’ve just saved and copy it (ctrl+c).

Now navigate to “D:\Dropbox\Latest Sermons”. Paste the file you just copied into this directory (ctrl+v).

The sermon will now sync and someone else will check the folder to finish off putting it onto the website.

That’s it! If you have questions or need help when completing these steps email michael@stjohnsegham.com