At St John’s Church we take the responsibility of looking after young people and adults at risk of harm very seriously. We seek to protect the young people and vulnerable adults under our care and those leaders who look after them.

St John’s Church Children’s Safeguarding Advisors are Brenda Richardson and Lorna Jamison.  The Adults at Risk of Harm Safeguarding Advisor is Lorna Jamison.  Please use the email address to contact them.

Leaders: All regular leaders and helpers of groups must have completed both a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and Internal Safeguarding checks before they are allowed to work with our young people.

At St John’s Church we ask all Parents & Guardians of children under 18 to complete and return a Registration & Consent Form.  We do this so that we can get your permission for the child under your care to undertake activities organised by the Church and also so we can contact you in event of an accident or emergency.

Please click here to download a copy of the Consent Form.

If you work with young people in the Church you should be fully aware of diocesan Safeguarding Policy documents.

As a parent or guardian you may wish to read the diocesan safeguarding policy which St John’s is signed up to.  This is available on the diocesan web site

Are you a survivor of abuse?

It is vital our churches are safe places for people to tell their stories of abuse, and where people listen and respond well . . .

The Anglican Diocese of Guildford is committed to the support of those who have suffered or are still suffering abuse from members of the clergy, or others in positions of trust and authority within the church.

The diocese has in place Authorised Listeners, female and male, who have undergone a formal recruitment and training process.

A listener is able to provide an attentive and attuned listening ear to help those in need to talk about their experiences.

For further information contact:

Interim Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser Jane Huttly

Office : 01483 790321 Mobile: 07552 530355

This is a confidential service