Faith is a journey…. and we can struggle with the walk alone, or we can find strength and support in doing it together. BreakThrough is a group of guys who want to grow more in God, and recognise that it’s easier to go the road if we do it together. Our (God-given) vision is to be men of God, men of prayer, seeking after God’s own heart, ‘stepping up to the plate’, and to be all that God seeks for us. None of us is perfect, that’s why it’s great to have support and encouragement from other guys on the same journey.

Why BreakThrough.. because it’s about God breaking through into our lives, and us breaking through to be the Men of God, that God created us to be!

The cause: For Christ

  • Allowing God to change us.
  • Willing to step into His vision and go His way.
  • To be ‘good and faithful’ servants of the King.
  • To be the Mighty Men of God that we are called to be and can be.
  • Being established in our identity in Christ
  • To be, in all things, in all places, men of God, faithful disciples.
  • Breaking through the things that hold us back.

What we commit to:

There are now four groups and each one meets once a month for an evening meal. Some of us also get together for a breakfast too. We eat (very important!), talk, have fellowship, and pray together. We also commit to praying for (at least!) three things daily:
• Each other
• St John’s
• The wider Church/Mission etc
We hold each other up before God, encourage one another, and share our joys and difficulties together. We also support each other between meetings, in friendship, and also in asking for prayer as we feel the need.

Interested? Want more details?

If you’re interested, or would like more details then give one of us a nudge, or fill in this contact form and we’ll get back to you, we’ll be more than happy to tell you about the groups, and welcome you along if you want to join with us in food and prayer! It’s always good to have new guys join us on the journey.