2nd Egham (St John’s) Brownies – age seven to ten

Brownies do it all! Their meetings are full of challenges, games and activities, usually ones that the Brownies have suggested themselves.

2nd Egham (St John’s) Guides – age ten to 14

Being a Guide encourages girls to develop by undertaking challenges and pushing the boundaries of their experience.

Guides are usually aged between 10 and 14, although some Guides like to stay until they are older. Any girl over the age of ten can become a Guide as long as she is able to understand, and wants to make, the Guide Promise.

Being a Guide is all about learning new skills, making new friends and helping others. Each Guide is encouraged to achieve her own personal goals through a progressive programme with the opportunity to work for a wide variety of badges. This allows the girl to mature and develop at her own pace.

Guides work together in Patrols, groups of four to eight girls, providing a ready-made group of friends and helping the girls to feel that they belong to something special. They elect their own Patrol Leader. A Patrol plans its own activities with the support of the Guide Leader so that each Guide learns to share in decisions that affect herself and others in the Patrol.

Adult Leaders

Girl-guiding UK isn’t just for girls. Many volunteers give their time as Leaders or Assistant Leaders for guiding units and get to see girls enjoying events and activities that they have organised.

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